Which is Best to Learn First in San Antonio, Web designing or digital marketing?

A job of a website designer is completely different from what a digital marketer does, but in some ways, they do work in harmony. With this beginner’s guide to digital marketing and web design in 2022, you would easily be able to stand out on the job market, earn the trust of your team, get more effective results, and be able to communicate with your tech team better and be more independent. But which is best to learn first, web designing or digital marketing?

What is web designing?

Web design is when a person makes a website, including the pages, that would be able to help in reflecting your company as a brand and any other kind of information that your viewers would need whenever they visit your website. You need to reflect the missions, visions, and values of the company, including the branding.

Here are some of the elements of a website design:

  • Layout
  • Mobile
  • Images
  • Content
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Navigation
  • Color scheme
  • Typography
  • Readability 

What is digital marketing?

On the other hand, digital marketing is the advertising of it all through these different digital channels like social media, mobile apps, search engines, email, and websites. All of these online tools would be able to help you endorse all of the services, and products, and establish your brand. If you are a small business that is trying to build up your brand, then this would have to be the core of marketing in modern days.

Here are some of the components of digital marketing:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile marketing
  • Paid search
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content marketing

Can a web developer become a digital marketer?

Though it is not necessarily directly related, becoming a digital marketer while already being a web developer would bring you an advantage when you apply for a job. This would make you an all-around person. 

When you decide to learn digital marketing, your team could rely on you for load speed optimization, on=page implementation, event tracking, meta tags implementation, and running SQL queries. In some ways, all of these things are related in some sort of way, so knowing coding and marketing is a great asset to have.

Do digital marketers need to know to code?

As a digital marketer, you would not need to know how to code, here are some of the tech skills that you should:

  • HTML and CSS

If you want to be effective in your digital marketing job, then knowing the basic front-end development skills and mastering it would be a great benefit for you and your team, especially when your team is small. 

Knowing these skills, you would be able to structure and style your emails, format blog posts, make some changes on your landing pages, and customize your forms. You would be able to do this independently without having to lean in toward other people for help.

  • Basic photo and video editing

Posting pictures and editing videos would have to be one of the most effective advertising strategies that you may do. If you want to appeal to an audience, you need to be able to bring our visuals because that would attract more people. Knowing this and having this skill would help save your team money.

  • Basic design principles

You need to be able to attract more users and be able to convince them to be repeat customers. You have to design your website to be user-friendly, and the UX/UI actually plays a huge role in that. Your website and your emails should be able to signal your viewers to them.

  • Data analytics and Querying

Being comfortable with seeing data is something you need to be so that you could be an effective digital marketer because your team is going to go to you to interpret and consult some of the data that you guys would get.

Which course is best, web designing or digital marketing?

This would generally depend on what you want your career path to look like. When you want to land some contracts early, then being a website developer is a great thing to learn first because there are so many more small projects that you would be able to work on. 

So if you want to be able to have a stable income easily, then starting with website development is great, but learning both would give you a bigger advantage. 

If you are interested in getting more recurring revenue, on the other hand, then maybe that is when you should start with digital marketing because website development just tends to be a one-off project.

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