Preserving Your Lifestyle: Why Mid- and High-rise Communities Need Management

For those who seek the lifestyle mid-rise and high-rise communities offer, there are certain standards they expect. Community management can assist these groups in keeping the lifestyle they want. Here is what you should know about community management: 

What are Mid- and High-rise Communities?

These communities or estates may have advanced systems. These systems could include roofs with specific designs and functions, internal security systems, onsite staff, and more. Mid-rise communities can have around five to 12 floors and may offer certain amenities like a swimming pool or community rooms. High-rise communities can have a minimum of 12 floors and can have most amenities you might think of. These communities often seek a certain lifestyle to be maintained in their buildings. Mid- and high-rise communities may benefit from hiring a community manager. 

What Does a Community Manager Do? 

Before understanding what a community manager does, it is key to understand that community managers are not managing the property itself. They are hired to manage the community and other aspects that need to be taken care of. Here are some items that community managers can supervise for mid- and high-rise communities: 

  • Addresses architectural requests
  • Directs site reviews and compliance enforcement
  • Manages the association’s financial responsibilities
  • Offers guidance
  • Organizes and prepares meetings
  • Supervises maintenance projects

These are just a few of the things that community managers are hired to deal with. Each community has different needs that they may need to have met. These managers are trained to deal with the needs your community may have. 

Reasons To Hire a Community Manager for Your Mid- to High-rise Community

Here are a few reasons you may want to consider a community manager for your community: 

Increased Productivity

After hiring a community manager, they can help you to potentially save time and money. The manager can address responsibilities such as hiring electricians, security, plumbers, and others. When issues within your community arise, it can be difficult to find the proper person to take care of them. A community manager can find the best and most efficient way to handle issues. Some of these issues they can deal with can include: 

  • Building upgrades
  • Community-wide repairs
  • Current or recurring maintenance
  • Exterior and interior inspections
  • Large community tasks
  • Sizeable project issues
  • Water-loss restoration

This allows you to gain more time for other projects as these items will be taken care of for you. Mid-rise and high-rise buildings are no strangers to having issues. The faster these issues are taken care of, the more time you have to be profitable. 

Building Safety

Mid- and high-rise buildings/communities can have specific health and safety measures that they need to implement. Community managers can make certain that these safety measures are being enforced properly. This may require responsibilities like making sure the building is safe for tenants to occupy, providing information about security systems that have been installed, and more. 

Because high-rise and mid-rise communities can contain hundreds of occupants, making sure each building is equipped with the right safety systems is an important aspect to consider. Other health and safety measures can be managed by a community manager.  

Financial Freedom

Community managers can be hired to deal specifically with the finances of mid to high-rise communities. These managers can make sure that invoices are paid when they are due, collect appraisals, and prepare recurring finance payments. 

This gives you more financial freedom as you may not have to worry about small financial issues. You can hire a manager specifically for your financial needs if all other aspects of the community are taken care of. This can free up time for you and allow you to focus on other aspects of your high- to the mid-rise community. 

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Community Management

The lifestyle of those who choose to live within a mid- or high-rise community is valuable to them. To maintain the community of these tenants, you may want to consider a community manager. These managers can not only maintain the lifestyle of your tenants but can free up time for you to elevate your lifestyle. To learn more about ways to hire a community manager, find a community management team that aligns with you and your tenant’s lifestyles. 

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