Planning a Commercial Move

You should prepare for your commercial relocation beforehand to have a seamless moving process. Planning can save you time allowing you to resume your operations before your desired deadline. For a successful move, start searching for “movers near me” as soon as possible to get in touch with reliable moving companies. Here’s more on what you can do when moving your business:

Determine Your Moving Date 

A commercial move shouldn’t be a last-minute decision — it requires a few months of planning since not all dates will be suitable. Consider your lease expiry date when planning your move. You should move before you have to sign a new lease, but not so early that you end up losing money.

Some landlords require tenants to make rent payments for the remainder of their lease even though they’ll no longer be occupying their properties. 

When choosing a moving date, you should consider your business’s busiest times. The best times to move are when you’re least busy to reduce the amount of output lost. 

Choosing your moving date a few months before the actual move can reduce the risk of having to change your plans. Reputable moving companies are sometimes booked for weeks. You need to communicate your desired moving date early for them to schedule you into their plans. 

Assign Moving Tasks to Your Staff 

Commercial moves involve more than just packing your items and moving them to your new location. You may be required to leave your current building in good condition if your lease agreement requires you to do so. To help with this, form a moving committee to assess what your current building needs are before leaving. 

Ask the moving committee to take note of large furniture and signage requiring extensive labor to move. This information will come in handy when making plans with your chosen mover, as they’ll likely need details on the items that need to be moved to plan for transport and labor. 

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Your moving committee will likely come across various items you no longer use when making their rounds throughout your facility. Carrying these items to your new location will only add unnecessary moving costs and clutter to your new space, wasting square footage you can use for profitable business activities. You can avoid this by downsizing before your move. Ask your moving committee to separate damaged items from the ones in good condition. You can sell or donate those in good condition and dispose of the rest to save time, money, and facility space. 

Search “Movers Near Me”

The internet is a great place to start your search for reputable movers. Searching the phrase “movers near me” will bring you a list of moving companies close to your business. Assess each recommended company to determine if they’re the ideal fit for you. 

When choosing a moving company, you need to consider factors like registration, insurance, and moving estimates. An ideal company will also have liability insurance to minimize financial risk should an accident occur during your move. They’ll also be willing to give you a written estimate, breaking down your total moving costs.

A reliable company will do this after assessing your items and the distance you want to move. You can compare estimates from different companies to find the one closest to your moving budget. 

Assess Your Storage Needs 

You can store some of your items in a storage facility if you don’t want to move with them. This is an excellent decision if you want to downsize but don’t yet know where to take the items you don’t need. Some movers offer storage solutions, so be sure to check with your chosen moving company before renting a separate space. 

Give Your Clients a Heads-Up

Telling your clients about your upcoming move can help you retain their loyalty. You can use social media to tell them about your new location or update your website to reflect your move. Another option is to update your business cards and give them to clients who visit the office. 

Planning Is Key to a Seamless Move 

Prepare for your commercial move months before your desired moving date to have an easier moving process. Choose a moving date, identify repairs needed in your current facility, and get rid of items you don’t need to carry to your new location. Afterward, search “movers near me” to get a list of potential moving companies that can handle your relocation. You can coordinate with your chosen company about your storage needs if you don’t want to carry all your items. Preparation and professional moving services can help make your transition seamless.

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