Interland: An Online Adventure That Teaches The Key Lessons Of Internet Safety

When kids log into Interland, they are taken on an adventure where they learn about the best ways to stay safe online. Interland is a fun and interesting way to teach children how to safely enjoy all the great things the Internet has to offer while protecting themselves from cyberbullying, online predators and scams.

What is Interland?

Interland is a fun, interactive online adventure that teaches kids the key lessons of internet safety. Through four different lands, kids will learn about cyberbullying, password security, phishing, and more. They’ll also get to play games, solve puzzles, and earn rewards along the way.

Why Play Interland?

There are many reasons to play Interland, an online adventure that teaches the key lessons of internet safety. For one, it’s a fun and interactive way to learn about how to stay safe online. Additionally, the game features four different lands that players can explore, each with its own unique challenges. As players progress through the game, they’ll learn more about internet safety in a variety of different contexts. Finally, Interland is completely free to play, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try!

How Does Interland Work?

Interland is an online adventure that teaches the key lessons of internet safety in a fun and engaging way. Through four different lands, players learn about online privacy, security, and responsible sharing. They also discover how to be good digital citizens and stay safe online.

Interland is designed for kids ages 8-13, but it’s also fun for adults. The game can be played alone or with friends. It takes about an hour to complete all four lands.

To play Interland, you need a computer with an internet connection. No downloads or installations are required. Just go to interland.com and start playing!

The Four Games of Interland

Interland is an online adventure that teaches the key lessons of internet safety. There are four games in Interland:

  1. Be Internet Smart: In this game, players must help a character named Netizen navigate through a series of challenges. Along the way, they will learn about important topics such as cyberbullying and online predators.
  2. Be Internet Safe: This game focuses on helping players understand how to keep their personal information safe online. They will learn about password security and how to spot phishing scams.
  3. Be Internet Aware: This game sensitizes players to the dangers of sharing too much information online. They will learn about the importance of privacy settings and how to identify fake news stories.
  4. Be Internet Kind: The final game in Interland encourages players to be kind and respectful when interacting with others online. They will learn about responsible networking and digital citizenship


Thanks for playing Interland! We hope you had as much fun learning about internet safety as we did making the game. Remember, the key lessons of internet safety are to be aware of what you’re sharing online, to use strong passwords, and to think before you click. We hope you’ll keep these lessons in mind the next time you’re online, and that you’ll continue to explore Interland and other websites with a sense of wonder and caution. Stay safe out there!

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