Essentials Tools to Run Cell Phone Repair Store Like A Boss

Running a cell phone repair shop is not easy because you have your mind on countless things, starting from repairs to management. You can leave the management part on your cell phone repair shop software, but what about repairing? Yes, you will have plenty of repair time because your store functions are now managed. But how can you manage repairs if you don’t have the right tools? You need high-quality tools to work on the damaged devices; otherwise, you can end up damaging them more. There are a whole lot of things that are essential to successfully running a repair shop. It includes:

  • Hardware tools
  • Software tools
  • Full use of location
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Support and Care, and the list goes on.

Today, in this article, I will list down essential tools that are prerequisites to any cell phone repair store. As a cell phone is a highly complex and sensitive machine, it requires potential parallel tools. So let’s dive into the tools that you can use to win in the cell phone repair industry and repair phones like a pro.

Soldering Station and Iron

First on the list is the Soldering station because you need a space to set up your repair process. It should have a desk lamp which is also treated as a separate tool, but it comes with the station if you are purchasing a proper setup. If not, you can buy it separately too. A soldering station is used for soldering the repair parts in the cell phone. It consists of the following:

  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering wire
  • Suction Pump
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • PCB Holder

After your inception and entry of the repair parts in the repair tracking software, you have to solder the items using the soldering iron. Fix the temperature of the soldering iron and attach your PCB or repair part to the PCB holder. After that, take the soldering wire and solder the part you want. If, in any case, you have messed up the soldering, then don’t panic and desolder it by using a suction pump. Melt the soldering iron from the soldered area using the iron and suck the contents. Afterward, you use the cleaning sponge to clean the soldering.

Curved Tweezers (Fine-tipped)

Many parts of the cell phone are attached to its body very firmly in a horizontal manner to make them slim, especially new phones where batteries are getting slimmer, and so are other parts. As a result, it becomes difficult to grasp these. For that, fine-tipped curved tweezers are used. It’s fine tips and curved shape make it easy to pick up the chips and detach the parts from the cell phone. There is nothing heavy in the cell phone, so these tweezers are perfect to handle the delicate parts.

Precision Knife Kit

What’s the first thing you do after generating a ticket in ticket management software? You open the device for inspection. Knife kits come in different shapes and sizes. It is used to cut and scrap the hard adhesives in the cell phone. Plus, it allows you to be precise while cutting double-sided adhesive tapes so that it doesn’t affect the shape of the device, which scissors cannot provide.

Screwdriver Set

The cell phone has small, delicate parts tied with little screws. It requires a special screwdriver to handle such screws. Every cell phone has different requirements, so a screwdriver kit is perfect for that job. These are lightweight and compact in design.

Magnetic Mat

After the customer’s ticket creation in the ticket management software, you need to do the device inspection. What if you have opened the device and, after the inspection, you look around for the part, and it’s missing? After finding it for hours, you finally give up and decide to use the repair part of your own. You just lost the cell phone part and cannot accept your mistake to the customer because you cannot charge him for your mistake. If you do that, you will lose your customer and reputation. So to avoid it you need a magnetic mat. It will hold all your little pieces in one place, and there is no chance of losing them.

Magnifying Glass

To do the needful, you should have proper visibility of the little parts in the cell phone. For that, a magnifying glass is used. It comes in a separately shaped glass magnifying or is attached in a safety cap for portability and a hands-free experience. It zooms in on the parts that you are operating on so that you can work even more precisely and not exhaust your eyes.


The first thing you do after entering the device information in the cell phone repair shop software is to check the basic features like battery, screen, short circuit, etc. This requires a multimeter. It measures current, voltage, and resistance. With this, you can know which part of the cell phone is not getting sufficient supply or has a short circuit, showing the exact measurement in digits.

Mobile Phone Opener

A cell phone opening is the first thing you do for inspection after checking a customer’s order in the repair tracking software. For that, you need a guitar pick-shaped mobile phone opener. It comes in plastic and metal material, but plastic one is recommended to avoid any damage to the cell phone screen or body.

Anti-Static Cleaning Brush

You open a cell phone after a very long time for repair, and it can have dirt and dust particles accumulated in the circuitry. So you need to clean it before starting your work. There is a fair chance that the dirt has interrupted the supply in the PCB or other components of the cell phone. So to remove that, you need to have an anti-static brush. It is used to clean the circuit and wipe away any dust from the circuit thoroughly without spreading any charges because every component has a voltage and current passing through.

So here’s your checklist. Mark down the ones you don’t have and see how buying them can change your repair experience. Now that you have all sorted out to start a successful journey, including hardware tools and software tools like cell phone repair shop software, what are you waiting for? Begin your venture and start running your cell phone repair store like a boss!

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