Do Scalp Tattoos Look Natural?

One of the most innovative solutions to combat hair loss is scalp micro pigmentation treatment. This is commonly referred to as scalp tattoos.

Scalp tattoos have become increasingly popular over the last decade. They’re one of the safest and fastest ways of achieving your desired look. Many potential clients who are considering this procedure wonder whether the outcome will look natural.

The Verdict: Natural or Not

A scalp tattoo appears natural when performed by a specially trained practitioner. It often looks as though you just got a fresh buzz cut. The results may vary depending on your skin type and other factors, but the result is realistic, tailored to your facial structure, and matches your original hair color.

The Scalp Tattoo Procedure

Also known as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), a scalp tattoo consists of adding an ink pigment to the scalp. The process involves using a special applicator to apply a series of micro-pigments to the scalp. This allows the practitioner to restore the natural look of your hairline by creating patterns on the scalp that resemble short hair follicles.

An expertly-done scalp tattoo creates realistic-looking hair and is a popular modern treatment for hair loss conditions like male pattern baldness and Alopecia. It can also be used to cover up scars and other skin conditions as well.

These are the main steps of getting a scalp tattoo:

Step 1: Consultation

You begin by scheduling an appointment with a qualified practitioner to assess your needs and preferences. During the consultation, you’ll discuss the look you’re going for and the results you hope to achieve from this procedure. They will then recommend a hairline and style that best suits you and schedule a date for the procedure.

Step 2: The Procedure

Before beginning the tattoo process, the practitioner thoroughly cleanses the scalp region that is being treated. They then create an outline on the skin to indicate where the hairline will begin.

A unique instrument with one to six applicator tips is used to apply microdots on the scalp, one by one. It is comparable to a milder version of a regular tattoo gun. The goal is for the treated area to appear natural, matching the rest of the scalp and not standing out too much.

It typically takes two to three sessions to complete the full treatment. The clinic analyses how the micro dotting appears on the scalp and whether it is the appropriate shade to match your natural appearance.

Step 3: Aftercare

After your final treatment, the practitioner provides aftercare instructions for proper care of your SMP. They may recommend temporary, minor lifestyle adjustments like avoiding extreme direct heat and certain hair care products. When the treatment is done properly, you will not have to schedule another session for 4-6 years. Eventually, the pigments may fade, at which point you would schedule a touch-up appointment. 

How To Find the Best SMP Clinic

Finding a reputable SMP clinic is the first step in getting a natural-looking tattoo. Here are some of the main things to look for:

  • The clinic must be licensed.
  • The clinic must offer high-quality work.
  • The clinic must have qualified, experienced personnel.
  • The clinic must use the latest equipment and technology.
  • The clinic must have a proven track record of satisfied clients.

Begin by researching to narrow down your options. Online reviews and testimonials from actual customers can be helping in your search for a credible clinic. Once you’ve identified a few good options, check forums and review sites where customers have posted feedback and testimonials regarding their experiences with the procedure at those clinics. You can peruse through before-and-after photos to get a better idea of what to expect from their SMP services.

Contact the clinic and request to speak with an expert scalp micro pigmentation specialist to learn more about their procedure and whether you’re an eligible candidate. You can also inquire about financing plans and long-term results to make an informed decision.

Get a Scalp Tattoo Today

scalp tattoo can look very natural and give you long-term results that are easy to maintain. The procedure results in the look of a buzz cut or short hair stubble. If you’re looking for an effective hair loss solution, schedule a free consultation to speak with an expert scalp micro pigmentation specialist today.

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