Best freelancing sites for beginners

What Is Freelance or Contracting?

For those who are not aware of the term, freelancing can be defined as an arrangement where one person or business engages in the services of another person or company who is usually under contract. It’s a job that is done by any self-employed individual either on their own terms or with other people who are contracted to do the work.

Therefore, there are different types of employment you can engage into and it depends on your level of professionalism and expertise. best freelancing sites for beginners are mention in this article There are many reasons why there are so many freelance opportunities available online nowadays. Here we have listed out six major reasons why every beginner needs to start his / her journey with working remotely. Before jumping to the main reason behind starting a career as a freelancer, let us first learn more about what exactly freelancing is.

These are the best freelancing sites for beginners

  • Fiver
  • Guru
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Upstack
  • Flexjobs

What Is Fiverr?

The platform helps people earn money by selling goods and services. The clients can choose from various categories and sellers, whether freelancers or individuals. They have various income sources for freelancers such as website hosting, social media marketing, eBooks development, SEO content, web design, graphic designing, etc to name but a few. Nowadays, if you want your projects to be completed quickly and at a low cost, then freelancing is the right option for you to consider Freelancing is definitely going to gain popularity over the coming years as it is much easier and less stressful as compared to how people used to work professionally. So while working in today’s digital age, freelancers are in need to become successful and have a good reputation among their peers.

How To Become A Freelance Writer/Artist?

  • Becoming a freelance writer/artist is also very easy if you want to do something creative and don’t mind taking risks.
  • If you know how to write well enough and have some experience in managing small businesses, you will find it hard to reject this offer because there is always a demand for writers and artists around the globe. Nowadays, everyone has a passion that can only be monetized later. You need some skill, dedication, and perseverance to become a famous freelancer and make a living.
  • You may wonder how they make money on freelance writing/photography and photography websites like Shutterstock or Unsplash.
  • Well, the answer is simple when you think of it. First, you must create an account and upload your pictures and descriptions.
  • After which, all that belongs to the owner/photographer is the royalty or percentage payment he/she decides to pay per download, etc.
  • This system is called the ‘Freemium model’ and most of photographers and artists choose it for earning from advertisements. However, there are a lot of platforms too which is giving away freebies and commissions.
  • In return, these platforms charge companies a substantial amount for each photo or picture. This could be anything but it’s important to remain honest and transparent about yourself and your knowledge.
  • In addition, there are affiliate programs that enable brands or bloggers to promote their products. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to make money on photography and its websites from using ads, commissions or even charging royalties from selling photos on Instagram or Facebook.
  • You can start making money on Fiverr and Upwork by getting promoted, offering freebies, and promoting brands’ products and events.

What Are Some Challenges Of Working On Your Own Terms?

There are two major problems you face while learning as a freelancer:

  • 1) finding a reliable employer who is willing to invest in you
  • 2) being trusted since most companies tend to hire freelancers in order to save resources for their core operations.

There are many factors to consider before hiring someone but here are some major ones:

a) How Will I Get Paid (How Much Money Can Be Charged)?

– Most companies look for a certain degree of skillset and expertise (e.g., Graphic Designer, Video Editor)

b) How Easy / Difficult Does Their Work Require Me to Complete it?

People looking for jobs tend to seek jobs that require no formal education or experience, rather than positions where someone requires a college degree. Many people who are interested in freelancing tend to take these kinds of jobs to avoid having their full-time employment cut off by long hours of study.

c) Do I Have Good Communication Skills

When you ask potential employers questions like “Can I trust you during video chat?” or “Am I comfortable talking to strangers?”, they’ll likely respond positively to your honesty. However, if they expect you to be able to handle unfamiliar technology, they might steer clear of you.

How is my resume different from others?

Most people are skeptical about resumes or cover letters (or both), especially if it is your first time creating it. Even though summaries are common for professionals and non-professionals alike, some people feel hesitant to share their past experiences with potential colleagues due to fear of rejection. But if you really want to impress them, don’t try to hide flaws or shortcomings at all. Instead, keep it light and positive so that they understand that you have a genuine interest in helping them build their careers.

What Are Common Questions Asked By Potential Employers?

It’s no secret that once you get started as a freelancer, you’ll end up asking quite a few questions to those who look at you.

From personal inquiries to industry trends to salary expectations you’ll have a lot to worry about, which is why it’s wise to prepare answers specifically tailored to suit your goals.

Below are five common questions many prospective employees ask in the early stages of establishing themselves as freelancers:

1) How will you manage time?

Time management is essential when you’re trying to establish yourself as a freelancer.

2) How do you plan to meet deadlines and projects and when?

Once you start putting together your profile, it’s always helpful to plan ahead so things aren’t falling through.

3) Do you provide references?

Referrals matter, especially for a newbie freelancer without years of experience.

4) Do you work 24 hours a day?

That means yes! Since freelancers are constantly in motion, you won’t always be fully present at work.

5) When will you start billing me?

  • Billing works differently from billable hours.
  • Billed hours are typically recorded on a calendar, whereas billed hours are logged electronically
  • The difference between the two is what a freelancer pays you to do.
  • If you’re thinking of freelancing full-time, keep in mind that the ideal number of hours worked a week is 35 – 40 hours.

How To Define Quality Control?

As part of establishing yourself as a freelancer, you may encounter hurdles along the way:

What if my boss thinks I’m unprofessional?

What if clients are unhappy with my results? How will I make sure that my work meets the standards of clients?

You’ve got a few options.

First, set aside some slack time every week to review and improve your work. Then try revising your proposals and pitches until they meet your client’s requirements. Finally, you can schedule regular meetings with your managers and discuss concerns you may have about your quality and accuracy. Keep in mind that quality assurance takes time—but it doesn’t have to be frustrating.

How Should You Budget Carefully With Freelancing?

  • Before committing to a project you’re unsure of or want to put on hold, figuring out how to budget it is key.
  • You can calculate your monthly expenses by dividing your revenue by 20-30 or 50-60, depending on how fast you’re growing and how much work comes along per month.
  • You should also consider setting limits on spending on utilities and paying rent, food, and gas bills, as well as purchasing any extra equipment or supplies you may need.
  • Set aside funds whenever you see money going towards debt or you don’t expect to make enough money to meet your monthly obligations.
  • Remember that there’s nothing wrong with cutting back on purchases because this isn’t sustainable and eventually, you may run out of pocket money, leaving you with little to no savings left.

What Type Of Software Do Digital Artists Use?

If you want to become a digital artist and be profitable, you should use tools that allow you to produce high-quality work quickly at lower prices. and find best freelancing sites for beginners

Tools like: Adobe Creative Cloud – An application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically detect your style and image composition;

Adobe Photoshop – Used to edit images from multiple sources;

Photoshop Express Export – Allows users to export their imagery to the cloud for further editing;

Photoshop Raw – Utilizes advanced AI features to refine raw images with filters and texturing to bring them back to life;

Ankit PhotoShop Pro – Designed to convert RAW files into finished JPEGs and PNGs;

Enya ColorPro – Created to remove noise and enhance images with color;

Adobe Illustrator – Create colorful graphics for web and print;

Canva – Provides visual templates for users to create stunning visuals with ease;

GIMP – Supports vector icons;

Adobe Dreamweaver – Enables designers to create web


There are numerous freelancing sites available for beginners to kickstart their careers in the freelance industry. These sites offer a range of opportunities to showcase skills and earn income from the comfort of one’s own home. From general freelancing platforms to specialized niche websites, there is no shortage of options to explore


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