7 Types of Door locks you should know about

The threat of break-ins is omnipresent. Every year, thousands of homes are broken into because the owner took security lightly. There are then cases of people being locked out of their homes because they misplaced the keys. You must use the right locks when it comes to securing your premises. You should also have a door hardware service provider’s contact details handy in case you are locked out or want to change your locks. 

Knob locks

These are doorknobs with the added functionality of being able to lock. These are commonly used on bathroom doors, bedroom doors, or other types of doors where you may need a little privacy. These locks are not that efficient when it comes to security, it can be easily picked and should not be used for your front door.

This is because knob locks contain the locking mechanism in the knob itself. Just bashing the knob is all that needs to be done to pick it. If you are using these at home, do add an additional lock for added security.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are used for main external doors as they provide optimum security against intruders. The door can only be opened from the outside with a key, while you can open it with the help of a lockable thumb turn from the inside. 

For added security, many offices and homes have deadbolt locks that can be opened only with a key on both sides, while also having a latch for added security. Deadbolt locks are quite difficult to pick, making them ideal for home and office security.


These are free-standing locks that you can use to secure any door that has a latch. Padlocks are used for securing doors and gates that do not need that much security. These locks have many variations- from small ones to secure luggage too big ones to secure gates and shutters. They come mostly in two sizes- rectangular and circular. Though these come with a set of keys, you can also choose keyless padlocks that require you to open them by entering a numerical code.

Door locks

Mortise Locks

Widely used in commercial properties, these locks help secure doors made of any material- wood, glass, or fiber. Many times, these locks come pre-installed with the door. In fact, many people add another type of lock to the door for added security. 

Electronic locks

These new-age modern locks are gaining in popularity. Already extensively used in commercial areas, electronic locks can be opened only by punching a numeric code, key, card, or even your finger. Not only are these locks extremely secure; they also notify you in case someone is trying to open it by force. 

As using a key is optional, you do not need to worry about being locked out, especially if you are in an unfamiliar place where you have to Google locksmith near me to help you get inside. 

Childproof locks/ Child safety locks

Keeping children away from danger is a tough task. Especially when they start to figure out how to get over their playpens, toddlers can get themselves in sticky situations quite easily if there is no one around. For this very reason, there are various kinds of locks that help protect little ones from danger.

  • Fridge door locks- There are many types of locks available to keep young children and pets away from the fridge. The most common one is the button lock. Here, the revolving door clasps with a button on the stationary side. These locks are installed at a height away from little hands.
  • Oven door locks- The fridge isn’t the only potential danger for your little one. They will quickly observe you and imitate you- if the fridge doesn’t open, they’ll try the oven. Here too, similar oven door locks are needed to keep them away from danger.
  • Door top locks- You cannot keep a tab on whatever your child does or where he goes. If there is a room at home that should be out-of-bounds for him, you can use a top lock that restricts them from opening the door. To unlock the door, you have to reach the very top on either side.

Cylinder locks

These are small-compact locks that can only be opened with a key. They are usually used for commercial purposes, where a corner of a glass door is secured with a cylinder lock. Usually, many offices and shops use cylinder locks in conjunction with shutters or other locks for extra protection.

Wrap Up

We all carry a wad of keys wherever we go, to keep our home, office, and vehicle safety. Each type of lock comes with its own set of uses, you should invest in a good quality lock to keep your home safe and out of bounds for robbers (and curious little hands trying to imitate their parents).

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