5 exercises to help you lose 10 kilos at home

The girl should take care of the grace and consistency of her body, and attention to fitness and losing excess weight maintains the health of the body against many diseases caused by obesity.

 most of which lead to other diseases more serious, so keep the audience. health, attention should be paid to nutrition, fitness, and physical performance daily.

And because fitness is the dream of most girls who suffer from excess weight and accumulated fat in the body, it is necessary to first ensure the safety of the psychological and health of the body.

since psychological wellness prompts an adverse consequence on weight. and the passage of some diseases and the intake of some medications also causes a significant increase in weight.

 So first you must ensure the safety of the body and then follow these gentle exercises that you can easily practice at home so that you can shed 7 to 10 kilos of excess weight per month depending on the nature of your body and its capacity.

fat burning and sports maintain the integrity of the internal organs of the body such as the heart, liver, and kidneys, in addition to the role of sports in strengthening the insusceptible framework to oppose sicknesses and infections.

Neck exercise:

Bend your neck to one side and then roll it forward to the other side 4-6 times as this exercise benefits flexibility and lengthening of the neck muscles.

This exercise is recommended before beginning the rest of the exercises to accelerate the blood flow to the brain and thus activate it before the next muscular effort.

Walking exercise:

Walking is one of the best exercises of all time that allows you to lose fat and body fat quickly, maintains the safety and health of the body and removes its negative energies, and replaces them with positive ones.

It is not necessary to go to clubs to practice walking, but you can practice it on a treadmill that is available to buy and put at home, and you can also practice walking by holding on to a high-back chair and walking while you are in the same place. in any case, the gadget will assist you with getting thinner quicker.

What’s more, consistently recall that it is important to do some heat-up practices before strolling to guarantee a superior outcome. 

and to prepare the muscles for various sports after complete inactivity to easily receive the physical effort that you will submit during exercise.

in addition to the importance of these exercises to strengthen the respiratory system and expand the lung to extend the body plus a certain amount of oxygen while jogging on the machine.

Also, don’t forget that drinking fresh water or juice is very important while resting during exercise, to avoid dehydration caused by lack of body fluids during exercise.

Weight training exercise:

Who Said These Exercises Are For Men Only? Rather, its usefulness encourages you to practice it continuously, as these exercises help you reshape your body, strengthen your muscle structure, and get a rolled-up body.

 It also helps to increase the metabolic rate in the body and increase the ability of the muscle to dissolve fat. around.

But always remember that you must lift specific weights according to the available bodyweight because carrying more weights will have opposite results on your health.

 you need it, and you can practice this by filling bottles with water and loading it several times with your hands and then fixing it on your hands. legs and wear it multiple times as well.

exercise by bicycle:

Exercise on a bicycle helps you to melt body fat, especially in the abdomen, buttocks, and buttocks. It also tightens the sagging skin on the thighs and legs and eliminates cellulite.

You can practice this exercise on the available bicycle device, which also allows you to move your arms, and you can also practice it yourself by sleeping on your back on the floor and lifting your legs with a heavy load on your feet like bottles loaded with sand.

 for example, and moving your feet in a circular motion as if you were riding a bicycle.

Abdominal exercise:

This exercise helps a lot to lose and suck the fat accumulated in the abdomen and to obtain a flat stomach, which you can place anywhere in the house where it does not take up much space, and it also helps you to strengthen the lower and middle zone. and upper abdominal muscles.

 You can also do this exercise yourself by sleeping on your back and then standing up while you fix your legs on the floor and do not move them with the goal that the pressing factor is totally on the stomach muscles Only fourteen days.

You can also learn The benefits of walking to lose weight simply.

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